Anne Callahan


One of three contributions to Rambling in the Expanded Field (Cambridge, MA: Physical Intelligence Lab, 2013), a compendium of walks.

Travel to the Pentland Hills south of Edinburgh, Scotland to walk in Ian Hamilton Finlay's garden Little Sparta. The garden is open Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, 2:30-5pm, from May 24 to September 29. Admission is £10. There is no need to make an appointment unless you are organising a visit for a group of 10 or more, in which case, please call Laura Robertson.

Then walk to Dunsyre (Dùn Saghair), a hamlet approx. one mile east of Little Sparta. Eat Dunsyre Blue Cheese. Look for Dunsyre Hall, site of the annual fireworks, ref. the Black Mount Bugle for dates, and Westhall Tower, probably built in the sixteenth century in the peel tower style, used as a pigsty until about 1900.

Weather in Dunsyre: